Heat On AEW Star, WWE’s Role In Cabana vs. CM Punk, Styles In WWE Hall Of Fame, Future Of Raw Underground/Retribution

How hot is the heat on Sammy Guevara? He returns from suspension and injures Matt Hardy off a wild chairshot.

The heat is not as hot as you would think. Sammy panicked last week on AEW Dynamite and launched a chair right at Hardy’s face, causing him to get 13 stitches. Chris Jericho called it a “happy accident,” one where the feud is only increased because of it after the initial feeling of dread and anxiety when you think you have legitimately hurt someone. Jericho compared it to when he inadvertently punched Shawn Michaels’ wife Rebecca in the face. It was awful when it happened but when it was learned she was OK, it only helped their program. Everyone makes mistakes and there have been plenty of experienced workers who have had routine spots go terribly wrong. This is the same situation and talent in the back understand that. Guevara continues to deal with the fallout from his suspension, something he will have to continue to deal with and work to regain the trust and respect from his co-workers. His comments about Sasha Banks that resulted in his suspension were a much bigger deal than a blown spot.

Two years ago to today it was learned Colt Cabana was suing CM Punk for legal fees in regards to legal expenses following the defamation lawsuit against WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. What do you make on the fallout between two people who were so close?

I was actually looking at my “Facebook memories” today and this popped up. At the time, I wrote it is another reason why we never say never in the pro wrestling business. CM Punk took a lot of heat for “turning” on Colt Cabana, with many WWE fans growing tired of some of his comments since stepping away from the company. The story of Punk and Cabana’s falling out may have been WWE’s plan all along. They financially backed the lawsuit for Dr. Amann and it ended up destroying a friendship. Ultimately it is unfortunate but it is also understandable Punk was frustrated his friend went the legal route instead of just asking for the money. Cabana has always drawn very polarizing opinions. People either love him or hate him and he’s known as one of the most carny guys in the business.

Is AJ Styles worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame bid?

AJ Styles should and probably will go into the WWE Hall of Fame one day. He is one of the best wrestlers of all time, something he has shown over the course of his career. Vince McMahon is a huge fan of Styles and actually told people when he debuted for them in 2016 he wished he would have signed him a decade earlier. Styles is a rare three-tool talent as he has the look, in-ring skills and mic work that cannot be duplicated. He always joins The Rock and The Undertaker as “the face of SmackDown.”

How badly are you dreading Raw Underground and more Retribution “chaos” on this week’s WWE Raw?

As I explained last week, I’m willing to go into Raw Underground with an open mind. It was not the worst thing WWE has ever done and it could have potential. We have to get out of this routine where we read what some of the trolls on Twitter are saying and taking it as gospel. It was one week, it was a different segment. Let’s see if it sparks anything or if it becomes tired quickly. Had AEW have done the same segments, people would be raving about them. As for Retribution, we don’t even know who is in the faction yet and I don’t care what anyone says, the use of the chainsaw on the ropes to end SmackDown was awesome. That was nWo level destructive. I am not saying Retribution is the next nWo but I would have loved to have seen Twitter back when Scott Hall debuted the nWo on WCW Monday Nitro. How many fans would have trolled it when it became the launch point for one of the greatest stretches in the history of the professional wrestling business? I understand people want to react to everything as it happens but sometimes you have to slow down and look at the bigger picture. Otherwise, you will never appreciate anything new or innovative.

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