Here’s The Exchange Between Lesnar and Riddle

As reported here yesterday by CJ, there was a verbal altercation backstage between Matt Riddle and Brock Lesnar. Thanks to Alex McCarthy from talkSPORT, we now know what was said. Alex was backstage during the altercation and confirmed the following was said:

“Kid, you might as well stop saying my name and tagging me in shit because you and I will never work together. Ever.”

This was preceded by Lesnar walking up behind Riddle and grabbing him by the shoulder in a non-threatening manner to get his attention. Following what was said, both men went in their respective directions and nothing else was said or done.

Now that we know this information, it really just seems like the whole thing was hyped up well beyond anything that actually happened. This is the first time the two have crossed paths in the WWE.


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