How Are Upcoming XFL Games Selling?

There’s been a lot of talk about the XFL and if the performance of week 1 will hold the hype for sales. Here is what is left for the next 2 weeks in stadiums for games. It’s important to note that in larger stadiums, the upper sections are not being sold. Even with that, the average for sell out across the league is about 20,000:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Based on the overall pictures above, we would have to conclude that sales are doing pretty well, with Houston, DC, and Seattle being the weakest so far. St. Louis is a market that Vince is making the biggest impact. They have 38,000 seats available for each home game and as of right now, all but the last game have less than 5,000 seats available.

When looking forward in sales as well, most of the games beyond these 2 weeks are painting a similar picture. Comparing this information to the now defunct AAF, I would say that the XFL has a pretty solid footing and future.


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