Interim Cruiserweight Champion Crowned

We saw the finals of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament between Drake Maverick and El Hijo del Fantasma on tonight’s NXT.

The match opened up with Fantasma trying to get a quick pin, but Maverick was able to kick out at 2. Fantasma would continue to stay on the offensive with Maverick seemingly not able to get a hold on the match. As action moved to the outside of the ring, Maverick was able to hit a high risk flip into Fantasma off the apron, giving him his first advantage of the match.

Returning from commercial, Fantasma is in the corner with Maverick hitting punches on him. Fantasma is able to work his way out of it long enough to get away outside the ring. Maverick goes after him and Fantasma nails a powerbomb onto the floor. He gets Maverick in the ring for a cover, but isn’t able to get the 3.

Fantasma is able to stay on the offensive as he looks for a submission, but Maverick is able to get out of it. This allows Maverick to go on the offensive again for a short time until Fantasma gets another submission attempt. Maverick is then hit with a sit up powerbomb and kicks out again at 2.

Maverick is back on the offensive going after Fantasma. He goes to the top of the corner and hits a knee drop, but Fantasma kicks out at 2. Fantasma regains slight control and centers Maverick for a move off the ropes, but Maverick counters.

We see interference come down to the ring and Maverick makes quick work of them. However, it was enough as Fantasma hits the Phantom Driver upon getting back in the ring with the 3 count to become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

After the match, we would see Triple H come out to the ramp with a folder. Inside was a new contract for Drake Maverick to sign. Maverick willingly signs and is still under WWE contract!


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