Jake Hager Talks Calling Cody Rhodes Several Times For AEW Job

Jake Hager debuted on the very first episode of AEW Dynamite in October 2019. His debut was certainly a huge surprise to many. He went on to join the Inner Circle faction and has been one of the key members ever since. Hager wanted to work for the promotion as he wanted to implement his MMA background into his wrestling work, which he heard would be allowed in the company.

Hager recently spoke to Talk Is Jericho, where he revealed he reached out to Cody Rhodes on numerous occasions before he finally got what he wanted to hear.

“I had reached out to Cody. I think everybody in the world was reaching out to Cody at the time,” Hager pointed out. “We knew that we were on the same page; maybe it can work out. I reached out again and I’m still not getting anything. This is about May. This is Double or Nothing time and I’m not getting anything, and I think I told you that, and so, [Jericho] reached out. And he was like, ‘hey, check back in a couple weeks,’ and I don’t know what changed but then you came back an hour later. You’re like, ‘no man, this is it. They want to go with you.’”

Hager also competes in MMA fights at Bellator while also working as a professional wrestler in AEW.


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