Jeff Hardy Knows He’s Done If He Screws Up Again

WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy knows another mistake and his WWE career is over.

Hardy has struggled with sobriety and has had multiple arrests for driving while impaired. WWE even incorporated his struggles with addiction [and driving under the influence] in a program with Sheamus, culminating with a “Bar Fight” that aired on an episode of SmackDown over the summer.

BT Sport recently interviewed Hardy, where he confirmed he has signed a new contract with WWE. Part of that contract will allow for him to back the “No More Words” theme song. However, Jeff understands if he screws up again, he’s finished.

“I can’t screw up again if I do I’m done, said Hardy. “Living one day at a time has been huge for me.”

Hardy admitted he has never completely committed to getting sober and surrendered to the idea he has a problem. You can view another promotional bit from the BT Sport interview below:

We have details on what Jeff’s new contract means for a Hardy Boyz reunion in today’s Ask WNC.


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