Jimmy Uso Acquitted Of DUI Charge

Jimmy Uso was found not guilty in his DUI case stemming from his arrest on 7/25 in Pensacola, Florida.

A jury deliberated for about an hour in a Pensacola courtroom on Wednesday before announcing the verdict. Dashcam video appeared to show Uso, whose real name is Jonathan Fatu, speeding a swerving in his Cadillac Escalade. When the arresting officer got him out of his car, he stumbled and wasn’t make sense. We have the footage embedded above.

The arresting officer claimed the stench of alcohol was so bad on Uso following the arrest he had to roll down his window while transporting him to county jail. The officer testified the following on Wednesday:

“Once he eventually started to get out of the vehicle, he appeared to have a hard time with the door handle and opening up the door.”

“He was unable to get out of the vehicle and took a step or two and appeared to stumble, almost into the travel lane.”

The testimony wasn’t enough for a DUI conviction but Uso did get a speeding ticket. We have original details on his arrest at this link.


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