Joey Ryan Seems To Have Filed Another Lawsuit

The #SpeakingOut movement saw many wrestlers being called out for sexual misconduct and that included Joey Ryan. He has denied every allegation made against him and has filed multiple lawsuits against his accusers. He has also sued Impact Wrestling for breach of contract.

It seems Ryan has filed yet another lawsuit recently. According to a report by Heel By Nature, he is seeking upwards of $15 million.

The lawsuit has been filed against a man in Pennsylvania, containing claims of emotional distress, libel, false light, and intentional interference with prospective economic advance. According to PW Insider, the man in question is Ring of Honor wrestler Pelle Primeau.

The lawsuit also states the losses he incurred due to the #SpeakingOut movement.

$500 per month from Cameo video messages, $1,000 per month in merchandising revenue, $1,000 per month plus additional tips and “subscription shares” from his Twitch account, losses of $1,500 a month from his Bar Wrestling promotion no longer receiving streaming and distribution earnings, $2,000 in losses per month from Bar Wrestling events, $3,000 per month in loss of revenue from his Patreon account, and losses of $8,000-$10,000 per month in lost wrestling bookings. 


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