Karl Anderson Reveals The Truth Regarding Him Being Accused Of Cheating By Wife

Karl Anderson’s wife recently made a series of Instagram posts, where she accused him of cheating on her. She then mentioned that she did not mean anything physical in nature. Anderson then said that he would cut out anyone from his life who commented on his wife’s posts. Many fans were concerned over what was going on but it seems the situation has improved.

Anderson took to Instagram on Tuesday and provided a clarification regarding the situation. He revealed that he returned home and that everything was fine. He said the situation was a ”gimmick” and that the issue was resolved swiftly.

He then hyped the second edition of Talk N Shop Mania which will be airing on November 13th.

All is well.
Everything in our personal household was dealt with privately, swiftly, respectfully, and is a completely resolved issue.
Appreciate the love n support of friends n fans worldwide for my entire family. My #HotAsianWife n myself are considering this gimmick, that got completely out of hand, as case closed, and won’t make anymore comments on it, thx!


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