Keith Lee’s Push Reset, Top Star Unhappy With Recent Move?, NXT Conceding To Dynamite, Retribution Scaled Back

It was obvious to everyone Keith Lee’s Raw debut was a debacle. WWE took notice and put him over Orton and tweaked his look and music this week on Raw. My question is why did it take the negative feedback for this to happen and why was it not better planned out?

The night Keith Lee debuted on Raw it was Vince McMahon’s birthday and he showed up late. In typical Vince fashion, he had significant re-writes and there was just no solid plan for Lee. They have done a nice job of resetting and like I talked about yesterday, Randy Orton has played a big part of that. In fact, the whole purpose of his match at Payback was to make Keith Lee look good. Officials are high up on Lee and his co-workers like him, he is primed for a significant push. It will be up to him to take full advantage of it as it started out in dreadful fashion.

With Paul Heyman headed over to SmackDown, what does AJ Styles think about that? After all, wasn’t it a rift with Heyman that made him request the move to the blue brand?

AJ Styles was upset over the situation with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, as we have detailed here on Ask WNC. However, with Roman Reigns returning to SmackDown with Heyman, the two are back on the same brand. Now granted Heyman is on-screen only but they will have to see one another and undoubtedly will cross paths. But this is not out of the ordinary. There are plenty of people who do not get along backstage and Styles has already said publicly he can be professional. It also shows Styles is not going to get preference over a creative plan from Vince McMahon. And that should not surprise anyone.

If WWE NXT moves to Tuesday night do you think they are conceding to AEW Dynamite?

Chris Jericho was recently on Busted Open Radio and what he said was exactly how I feel. WWE should move NXT to a different night. They have a great show and the only thing putting it head-to-head with Dynamite does is detract from both of their audiences. Now of course Chris took it a step further and said AEW will continue to beat NXT but I truly feel the best thing for both AEW Dynamite and NXT is to air on different nights. A lot of fans want to watch both and that would be a way to do it without having to pick and choose. The only reason NXT was moved to Wednesdays on the USA Network was to go at AEW. The problem is, all it is has done is take fans away from both programs.

Is WWE backing away from Retribution?

The only thing that is known about Retribution right now is they are expected to be on Raw only moving forward. But at the rate things change in WWE, they could be back on tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. There was speculation the faction was being nixed or scaled back after they were not on SmackDown last week or at Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view. But as seen on this week’s Raw, they are still here. There are still creative plans for the faction and it is a situation constantly evolving.

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