Kofi Kingston On Randy Orton Legitimately Holding Him Back In WWE

Kofi Kingston is playing up his history with Randy Orton to promote their upcoming WWE Championship match at SummerSlam in Toronto on Sunday. While speaking with Fightful, Kingston said Orton holding him back in 2009 when he appeared to be on the rise from the midcard to a main event spot was very legitimate.

“On a very legitimate level, those who have been watching the videos about our history, it’s very legitimate in the fact that [Randy Orton] did not want me to be here to the point where he would tell people who made decisions that I shouldn’t be in the position that I was at,” Kingston stated at SummerSlam media day.

“A lot of people asked me over the years, ‘What happened in 2009? You put Randy Orton through the table at Madison Square Garden. I thought you were going to be going up here,’” Kofi recalled. “That’s where I was supposed to go. You come to find out that because of him, it didn’t go that way, not right away. It took a little awhile. Ups and downs. And now here we are 11 years later, through a stroke of luck, a touch of fate, hard work, and taking advantage of some opportunities.”

Kingston, who won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 against Daniel Bryan, admitted to reporters that at the time he viewed Orton as a co-worker and it wasn’t someone he would “chum it up with” backstage.

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