Kyle O’Reilly Explains Why He Was Absent During Pandemic

Kyle O’Reilly won the NXT Eliminator Gauntlet match two weeks ago. He earned the right to challenge Finn Balor for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver this Sunday. He spent a long time away from WWE television before all this.

O’Reilly spoke to the New York Post, where he discussed the reason for his long absence from NXT television. He revealed that he has Type 1 diabetes and that is what stopped him from attending NXT tapings for so long. He could not afford to risk it as his condition made him more susceptible to getting the COVID-19 virus. He was forced to stay at home during those “weird months” out of a “weird year.”

As for everybody, it’s been a weird few months, it’s been a weird year. At first, when this whole thing broke out it was scary for the reasons like you said, health being a huge part of that. As we learned more about what going on, I became more confident. As time progressed, I started chomping at the bit to return. You could only do so many garage workouts in a day to keep the cabin fever away.

After a while, I was ready to come back. The company had my health in their best interest. They weren’t going to risk anything with me. Once the opportunity finally came around to come back, all the precautions had been taken and continue to be taken. I felt confident and yeah, it was a long few months. I was ready to come back a lot sooner, but that’s the way things work out and I’m glad to be finally back.


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