Leave Nyla Rose Alone Already!

This article is entirely my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of everyone at Wrestle Pages. This will be about the impact Nyla Rose has had on the wrestling community, more specifically on AEW. I am getting tired of hearing the argument from people saying that she should not be permitted to compete with other women due to having formerly been a male. Here is why I believe people need to back off her and let her do her thing in the ring!

First and foremost, there has NEVER been an issue with men wrestling women in the ring as much as there suddenly is today. Going back even as soon as a year ago, fans were screaming saying they want true intergender matches that see men and women actually go head to head. Rose is the closest we have come in a very long time to having this accomplished (not counting Royal Rumble or Battle Royale appearances), and now that we are here, there is a conflict that she may injure others due to formally having male testosterone and being “stronger” and more “built” than her female competitors. Here is my debunk of that theory with this picture:

Top Left to Bottom Right: Tamina Snuka; Chyna; Awesome Kong; Nia Jax

The second argument is that all 4 of those women are/were larger and/or stronger than most of their women competitors. To say that Nyla Rose shouldn’t be in the ring with other women due to being “larger” is a false perception and belief. All 4 of these women have never intentionally injured or accidentally injured an opponent in the ring due to their size and/or strength (Nia claims she did to Becky, but Becky claims it was all on her). So to say that having Rose in the ring with smaller competition due to injury risk being increased is not right. As for the strength side, Chyna could bench press 365 lbs. without flinching, while Nyla Rose does about half that amount.

In an interview with Elliott Greenberg of The Beast Daily, Rick Knox recalled the table spot he was involved in with both Rose and Shanna:

“When I was approached and asked if I was willing to do this spot, I knew I’d be safe in her hands,” he recounted. “She was very professional about it. She let me take my own bump rather than driving me through the table. And she made sure that Shanna was slammed in a way that neither of us would get hurt. I think for both Nyla and I, it was this weird little bonding moment.” – Knox

That right there shows that while her being green in the ring causes some issue, she’s not being completely unsafe and has the wellbeing of others in mind before performing high risk maneuvers that may result in injury. With her being green as well, it’s important to remember that every performer that steps in the ring was green at one point of their career. You can read the full interview and story at the link above.

The third argument against her being in the ring that I’ve heard is that she is still technically a guy. Actually, no she isn’t. Nyla has gone through complete gene therapy through transgender hormone therapy. This essentially reduces the testosterone levels to a point where they are so low, the estrogen level overtakes the primary functions of the body so that the female characteristics are on display. One of the primary side effects of doing this as well is it reduces the muscle mass of a male significantly, making it more difficult to maintain.

The final thing, who are we to really say she doesn’t belong in the ring? If other women are willing to get in the ring with Rose, why should we have the right to say no and stop it? It’s not our bodies being put on the line in a match each week on TV! Plus, it’s a scripted TV show complete with medical experts, experienced wrestlers, and choreographed moves.

It is being debated on if someone should be in the ring under those circumstances, when in actuality, it really couldn’t be a much safer circumstance! If something does happen to go wrong, there are people there to take care of and handle the instance nearly immediately. A perfect example of this is when Jerry Lawler had his heart attack at ringside. It took mere seconds for help to get there and literally save his life!

So in conclusion to this article, just let Nyla do what she’s doing and leave her alone! Enjoy the fact that we are witnessing history in the fact that a transgender woman is even able to compete in a ring. If we go back even 5 years ago, it is highly unlikely it would even be considered. I’m confident that if she were putting others in danger, AEW would have or will step in and fix it. Again, we are paying to watch a scripted TV show, not a brawl on the street! Leave the action and decisions up to those paid to make them and just enjoy the show!


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