Lowest Level AEW Talents Apparently Earn More Than NXT Superstars

AEW has a deep roster of very talented wrestlers who want to show fans what they are capable of. The promotion has different contracts for talents depending on the level of activity.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW’s contracts have different levels to them. The wrestlers who simply appear on AEW Dark and work are signed to per date deals. It was noted that “Benjamin Carter was an exception,” but every other talent on AEW TV has “one deal or another.”

It was then said that wrestlers who make weekly appearances and those whose signings are announced by the company are given weekly guarantees.  It was also noted that “newcomers” earn more money than NXT Superstars.

For the newcomers, those talents are as a general rule higher paid than NXT talents, but would be lower paid than WWE main roster talent but obviously things vary based on individuals.

It was noted that WWE has a new system of shorter deals in NXT, where the contracts have around a $60,000 downside guarantee.


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