Matt Jackson Reveals He Told Top Flight They Could Leave Their Day Jobs

Top Flight have certainly impressed fans and wrestlers alike, as they have officially signed with AEW. Before being signed, they were struggling on the indie scene during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also had day jobs to make ends meet.

Matt Jackson spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio, where he revealed a talk he had with Top Flight. Top Flight did not understand what being under contract meant. Jackson told the two that they could quit their day jobs as their future was now secure.

“Darius tells us, the older brother, I think it was him, because we were like, ‘Look, we’re offering you a deal’ and I don’t think they understood what exactly we were saying. ‘This means that you’re going to make a lot of money and you’re going to have a guaranteed salary and you’re going to have a check every two weeks so,’ and Darius goes, ‘I work at a grocery store.’ I go, ‘Not anymore you don’t buddy,’ and Dante said, the younger brother, he’s 19. He’s working at a gym and the gym, it’s been really tough obviously because of [the] COVID thing and we told him the same. We told him, ‘Well tell them that you no longer need to work there man.’ I said, ‘You guys are set now’ and all it took was them having the courage to just reach out and send me a direct message on Instagram.”


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