Matt Riddle Accuser Candy Cartwright Shows Email From WWE Proving They Removed Her From Bookings

During the #SpeakingOut movement, Matt Riddle was called out for sexual misconduct by Candy Cartwright. After denying the allegations, he proceeded to sue Cartwright and she then filed a lawsuit against Riddle, WWE, Evolve and more.

Candy Cartwright, real name Samantha Tavel filed a lawsuit against Riddle, WWE and others, asking for $10 million each.

Part of her lawsuit mentioned that she was removed her from bookings by WWE. She claimed that she has proof in the form of an email from WWE referee Drake Wuertz who also works as the Extra Talent Liaison for the company. The email, which was obtained by Babyface Vs. Heel is as follows:

“Samantha I regret to inform you that we will have to cancel your booking for this Wednesday[,] February 5th[,] as well as March 4th. Apparently there were some past issues I wasn’t aware of with you and one of our talent that would not make for an ideal work environment. Good luck to you in your career.”


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