New US Champion Crowned On Raw

During the course of Raw tonight, AJ Styles was supposed to put the US Title on the line against Humberto Carillo. But before the match even started, The OC attacked him. This would lead to Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, and Drew McIntyre to come down to the ring and issue a challenge for the title.

Styles would try to make excuses, but the 4 proposed a fatal 4-way match to determine a #1 contender to face Styles later in the night. Rey Mysterio would go on to win and face Styles. Even though The OC would interfere in the match, Orton would come back out and assist while the ref was “knocked out”. He would help Rey take out The OC and deliver an RKO to Styles. This would allow Rey to hit the 619 and frog splash. He would then get the pin and become the new US Champion!


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