NXT UK Moving To Broadcast TV?

While we normally don’t report information from Brad Shepard, this is a notice from him that does hold some validity. I will explain during the course of this article, so please follow along before passing judgement! Shepard is reporting that WWE is in heavy talks to get get NXT UK on either USA or Fox/FS1.


NOW, here’s the reason I am sharing and posting this. It’s NO secret that Fox Executives want some form of WWE on FS1 with the loss of UFC. Those talks have been ongoing since July 2019. When it was announced NXT was going to USA on Wednesday nights, Fox Executives reportedly got very upset over the deal, as they wanted NXT.

This may be a potential peace offering to get NXT UK on FS1. Plus, it would make 100% sense as Fox Sports also has Fox Sports International (FSI), which airs internationally, including the UK. This would eliminate the need to try and negotiate a TV deal with another company to broadcast internationally.

The only other question that remains, what day would it broadcast? Here’s the full wrestling schedule on broadcast TV already:

  • Monday – Raw on USA (8pm-11pm EST)
  • Tuesday – New Wrestling review show hosted by Renee Young on FS1 (Time unknown)
  • Wednesday – NXT Live on USA (8pm-10pm EST)/AEW on TNT (8pm-10pm EST)
  • Thursday – Open/None Scheduled
  • Friday – Friday Night Smackdown on FOX (8pm-10pm EST) and FS1 (10pm-11pm [Rumored])
  • Saturday – Open/None Scheduled
  • Sunday – WWE PPV’s

So based on this, they could either air on Thursday or Saturday nights, however, one would think it would be Thursday due to Takeover taking place on Saturday’s. Again, this is all potential speculation on what might happen based on information we already know.


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