Paige On How She Overcame Depression

In a new interview with, Paige talked about overcoming depression.

“Honestly, you surround yourself with toxic people, then that doesn’t really help either. So what I did because I remember walking through a supermarket and I was, I looked terrible because you know I was, I unfortunately did, I’m very open about this and I love to talk about it just because again it helps others — but I was, I unfortunately, popped the drug test in WWE because I was just going through a bad stage in my life and I was just so depressed that I just turned to something else you know?

And I remember going through a supermarket and I looked terrible. Like I had no makeup on. My hair was matted and falling out and I was really skinny. Like extremely skinny to the point where like you could see that I was very sick. But there was a little girl that came up to me and she looked at me like I was just the queen of everything because she doesn’t go on social media. She doesn’t understand it yet but she’s looking up at me, and she was like, ‘Paige I want to be like you one day.” And I was like, “What the hell am I doing?’ For some reason like you’re in this bubble and then you just like click out of it and you’re just like, ‘What the hell am I doing?’

I didn’t listen to my family, my friends. My work was trying to help me, constantly trying to reach out, and I completely just blocked it all out because I was in such a bad place, and this little girl just managed to make me snap out of it. I was like, ‘Wow I’m a role model and what I’m doing right now is not very role model-esque.’ So I was like I want to have this little girl look at me in the future and be like, ‘Wow, look what she overcame. Not what overcame her.’ So I was just like OK. After that I was like, ‘I need to get my life together.’ So I did. I reached out to WWE and they gave me all the help that I needed when it came to therapy with everything you know emotionally and substance and everything — they helped me and that was like a few years ago.

So now I feel like I’m stronger than ever. And yeah. It was all thanks to that little girl just looking at me and just being like, ‘You’re it for me. Please don’t mess up your life.’ So yeah, it’s the fans man who did it. They did it. Yeah, a couple of years later here we are! Getting the movie out there! Feeling healthy and happy!”


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