Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff Actually Impacting WWE, Braun Strowman’s Future, Plans For Wrestle Pages

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Who do you think brings more to the table in the Executive Director role and why?

I will always pick Paul Heyman in any debate that has to do with booking or storyline direction. The man has a knack for being able to articulate plots that are intriguing and engaging. He also knows how to progress an angle to an ultimate conclusion. Eric Bischoff has had similar successes but has a reputation of being swayed by workers. Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash are guys in particular that I believe had Bischoff in their pocket at different points in their career. I’m not saying Bischoff doesn’t bring value though. Both Heyman and Bischoff add value to WWE if Vince McMahon will listen to their input. Like I wrote yesterday, one former WWE writer basically laughed off their roles because Vince has always done what he’s wanted to do. Perhaps with things being in a rut with low attendance at Stomping Grounds and viewership dwindling, he’ll finally listen. I do remain skeptical.

Who do you see lasting longer in his role as Executive Director, Paul Heyman or Eric Bischoff?

This is another good question as both Heyman and Bischoff have had a rocky relationship with Vince McMahon to say the least. It would be in the good of the company if all parties could figure out a way to work together but as written, I remain skeptical. This is something no one can predict and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

A lot has been written across social media about how this week’s Raw had Paul Heyman’s fingerprints on it, while SmackDown felt the same. What are your thoughts?

The first hour of WWE Raw felt different and I agree it seemed to have been touched by Paul Heyman. The opening segment with Braun Strowman putting Bobby Lashley through the video board was awesome. The crowd appreciated it as well. That, followed by what was booked to be a vicious attack by Samoa Joe on Xavier Woods, gave the fans at least a degree of optimism. This week’s show wasn’t perfect by any means but a hot first hour, the surprise Maria pregnancy announcement (legitimate, by the way) and a good main event made for a watchable if not enjoyable show.

I haven’t gotten through the entire SmackDown tape yet but from what I’ve seen, looked like more of the same. Early word is Eric Bischoff won’t be implementing his touch to SmackDown until after Extreme Rules, while Heyman was set to begin immediately. Ultimately we’ll probably see Heyman and Bischoff have ideas adopted over time but Raw won this week for giving fans optimism.

What are the plans for and time frame for any features etc such as premium/joining? is my return to the Internet Wrestling Community after a three-year hiatus. The website is going to be a lot different from my previous venture and a lot different from anything out there now. The majority of the content will be housed in what is called Insider, where readers will have an all access experience to exclusive news, opinions, photos and videos. Right now we’re in the Beta stages and I hope for the site to be fully functional by SummerSlam 2019.

What’s your opinion on Braun Strowman and do you think he’ll get a title run?

I’ve always liked Braun Strowman as the big guy monster type and while his program with Bobby Lashley has been gimmicky, there have been enjoyable moments. He’s exactly the type of guy Vince has traditionally been known to give title runs to so I don’t think that can be ruled out. He is someone that has improved both his in-ring and mic skills over the years but at 35 years old, his elevation will have to happen sooner than later.

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