PHOTO: Mike Bennett Looks Like A Different Person After Leaving WWE

Roman Reigns and Rusev have shown off dramatically altered physiques during their time in quarantine, proving the workload has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Add Mike Bennett, the former Mike Kanellis, to the list.

The former WWE 205 Live star revealed a new photo of his physique over the weekend, showing off a dramatic increase in muscle mass.

“Uncertain times often cause great anxiety. The unknown is scary. I’ve always tried to channel my fear of the unknown into things I can control, like working out.I’ve used the last 4 months of uncertainty to try & add some of the weight I lost for 205 Live. Almost at 210 and counting,” Bennett tweeted.

Bennett and his wife, Maria Kanellis, were released by WWE back in April in response to the difficult economic circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are now free from their non-compete clauses attached to their WWE deals, making them available to work anywhere.

The photo of Bennett can be seen below:


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