Possible Timeline for Return of Live Audiences Revealed

Late Thursday, President Donald Trump put down the groundwork for the Country to begin to return to normal. We are choosing to cover this because it effects when fans might be able to return to venues to see shows live.

All options of when to institute the following phases are up to each State. However, in order to institute each phase, the State must be able to verify a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks of significant decline in deaths and new cases of COVID-19. The earliest any State can begin to follow these guidelines is May 1st, which means Phase 1 cannot begin until May 15th, as described below:

Phase 1

Under Phase 1, States would allow large venues such as movie theaters, arenas and stadiums, places of worship, etc. to reopen under very strict social distancing guidelines. The general rule of thumb being considered is that total attendance of a venue would be limited to 1 person per 4 seats, leaving at least 3 open between people (25% occupancy).

This would be the soonest we could potentially see live audiences return to wrestling events. Again, the exact date varies from State to State, but would not happen earlier than May 15th. If for another 2 weeks, the same State can show continued decline in deaths and new cases, they would be permitted to move onto Phase 2, May 29th at the earliest:

Phase 2-1
Phase 2-2

Under Phase 2 of the plan, attendance at the venues listed under Phase 1 would be able to increase to either 1 person per 2 or 3 seats, leaving either 1 or 2 open seats between each person (33% to 50% occupancy). The actual number will be left up to each State to establish what they want to follow, but cannot exceed 50% occupancy.

Going from Phase 1 to Phase 2 will be at the discretion of each individual State. Just because numbers continue to decline for 2 weeks does not automatically mean they will move to the next Phase.

In addition to the guidelines for Phases, each State will be required to enforce the public to wear face coverings while in attendance at events in these venues, as well as provide adequate sanitation facilities for all guests and employees. After Phase 2, the State could enact Phase 3, which is a full return to normal. The soonest that could possibly happen is mid-June, but don’t expect that to happen anytime before July based on comments from most Governors.

In addition to announcing this, President Trump also stated that IF COVID-19 were to make a resurgence, as some say might happen, then the Federal Government would step in and begin to enforce the current guidelines.

This article isn’t meant to be political or biased, but to simply provide the information revealed at Thursday’s Press Conference and how it impacts live attendance for events.


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