Possible WWE RAW Spoiler Involving Rusev, Lashley And Lana

The following rumor about tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW from Nashville, TN was leaked by Reddit user looselipsbackstage:

“Lana has a restraining order against Rusev in the state of Tennessee. Rusev attacks Lashley while cops are protecting Lana. Lashley yells at cops, gets pushed into a cop, and gets arrested. Even cop has a speaking part and a ‘cheap pop.’”

“Also, it’s a really bad episode of Raw. Just watch YouTube videos of the show after it airs.”

Keep in mind, certain Reddit users are more credible than others but this is nothing more than an anonymous tip from an unverified source. We put it out there as to not seem oblivious in the chance that it does happen.


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