(Updated) REAL Identity Of Roman Reigns Attacker Revealed

As promised last week, both Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan revealed the identity of Roman Reigns attacker at the end of the show. All throughout the episode, Bryan and Rowan were teasing a figure in the back room, covered in a black hood and black clothes. At the end of the episode, Reigns met with both Rowan and Bryan in the room with the hooded figure, where Bryan revealed the culprit behind the attacks.

This sent the internet, WWE, and fans into a major frenzy about who this Rowan twin is! Well, after more than 3 hours of scouring the internet, we have finally figured it out! Fans of NXT UK may actually be familiar with this figure! He is none other than The Primate (Real name: Jason Prime)! Here are 2 photos for you to compare their appearance:

Pretty striking resemblance if you ask us! So what will the purpose of Primate be with Bryan and Rowan? We are not sure, but from the looks of it, it looks like it’s going to be very interesting! Primate is no stranger to high end and dangerous moves in the squared circle, as he returned to the ring after suffering a massive broken jaw in 2018!

(Update) On the August 27th episode of Smackdown, WWE showed video of the attack on Roman Reigns with the set collapse on him. I was able to zoom in and break it down to PROVE it’s not Rowan, but rather Jason “The Primate” Prime.

Exhibit A: Compare the style of the beard in this photo to the styles up above. It clearly matches The Primate and NOT Rowan:

Exhibit B: Eric Rowan has tattoos on the top of both of his hands. If you examine this next photo, there are clearly no tattoos on either hand:


Jason’s Take: I have to say that I am pretty excited to see where WWE goes with this angle! IF Vince allows Primate to go wild like he did elsewhere, a feud with Roman Reigns and other heavyweights should be really fun to watch!


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