Renee Paquette Accidentally Revealed Pregnancy To Bayley Instead Of Telling Jon Moxley

On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Jon Moxley announced to the world that his wife Renee Paquette and he are expecting their first child. Fans and wrestlers alike congratulated the couple on their happy news.

Renee took to Instagram and posted a happy photo of herself and Jon Moxley after making the announcement. Then Bayley tweeted out a reaction to Renee’s post, where she wanted to know which was cuter: how Moxley told the world, or how she found out.

Paquette answered her, saying that Bayley finding out about her pregnancy was cuter.

“100% the way you found out. *i thought i was texting Jon a pregnancy update. I was in fact, texting @itsBayleyWWE”


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