Retribution Takes Step Forward, Frustration In WWE, Is Raw Really Falling Apart?, How Close Major WWE Star Was From Going To AEW

What is the end game for Retribution?

WWE stepped forward with Retribution in a major way on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw where they had them speak in a promo and debuted a new logo. The message from the faction was they have been discarded and disowned and now they were there to seek Retribution against all of WWE’s superstars and fans. There are no confirmed members but Dominik Dijakovic has been heavily rumored to be part of it and fits the narrative of a “forgotten” prospect. We’ll see where it goes but it is an angle seem to be talking about each week.

Is Renee Paquette’s (Young) response to WWE’s ban on Superstars working with third party affiliates the concensus opinion? One of frustration but they really can’t speak out?

For those that missed it, Paquette, who finished up with WWE at SummerSlam, tweeted, “Sooooooo guess now would be a good time to launch my Twitch and Cameo??” When the edict first made rounds there was a lot of frustration and confusion over it. WWE attempted to tame that last night at Raw with a meeting, informing talent they can stay on YouTube and Twitch but had to do so under their real names. It is believed Cameo will not be allowed but things are still very vague. The vagueness likely stems from WWE being careful with what they can legally prevent an “independent contractor” from doing. In terms of overall frustration though, no one wants money taken out of their pocket and when WWE attempts to do so, it will always result in backlash.

I have read rumors about WWE Raw “falling apart” with Paul Heyman. How true do you think they are?

Every single week we get someone who reports “Raw is chaos” backstage. This never happens at SmackDown and we never see these reports for NXT. It’s like someone decides Monday is chaos day. This week’s “chaos report” indicated it was due to Paul Heyman’s departure from his role as executive director at Raw was the reason for the chaos. There is a middle ground here. No, I do not think creative is falling apart without Heyman at the helm. I do think Paul took pride in Raw and helped keep things more organized but the “chaos at Raw” rumors get a little old. Things are always chaotic during a taping, especially when you have strong-willed Vince McMahon who likes things a specific way. WWE does not go as Heyman goes, if it did, it would already be out of business. Let’s use some common sense here.

How close was AJ Styles to being part of AEW?

All Elite Wrestling had a strong offer out for AJ Styles last year but he ultimately chose to re-sign with WWE following a strong five-year deal from them. The way Styles sees it, AEW provided him leverage to get the deal from WWE. The thing about AEW that differentiates them from other promotions such as Impact Wrestling, they actually have the money behind them to spend on any talent they want. Now that’s not to say AEW is going to go out like WCW and sign everyone but the fact that they can is what brings so much interest to the table. Styles is likely with WWE for life but there are plenty of other names out there that will be negotiating with AEW. Rey Mysterio was one recently that could have went but chose to stay with WWE as he helps kick start the career of Dominik.

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