Ric Flair Wanted Things To Go Differently With Randy Orton

Ric Flair was written off of WWE television at the end of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw when Randy Orton punted him.

While Flair could always end up being used again, the thinking is Flair was eliminated from the program to sell Randy Orton as the true Legend Killer, while also putting the focus of the program solely on the WWE Championship and Drew McIntyre.

The Nature Boy tweeted this about the angle: “I Wanted Last Night To Go Differently. What I Would Have Said Is I Don’t Know What Would’ve Happened If My Son Was In This Business. But I Do Know What Charlotte Has Done, And Like You Randy, She Is Much Better Than I Ever Was, Just Like You Have Surpassed Your Father. That’s it.”

Flair had pitched managing Orton at SummerSlam but Vince McMahon ultimately decided to go in another direction.

We have more on the stuff between Orton and Flair from Raw in the latest installment of Ask WNC that you can read at this link.


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