Rob Gronkowski Discusses Potential WWE Future; Wants To Work A Royal Rumble Match

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski did an interview with CBS Boston where he spoke about many things, including a potential run in WWE. He speaks about this at the 21:54 minute mark.

“With Wrestling, I don’t feel like I would be a full-time wrestler, but there is one thing I’m down for; and that’s to do one like crazy match. Like practice for a little, go in during a Royal Rumble, and just go out there. I got my friend in WWE, practice it, and just do a full on WWE match.”

Rob goes on to say he doesn’t know when he would do it, and he has his full life ahead of him. For what it’s worth, WWE has expressed interest in doing business with Rob Gronkowski, in the past. His last appearance was at WrestleMania 33 where he stepped in the ring to help his real life friend MoJo Rawley win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.



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