Roman Reigns Explains How Paul Heyman Helps Him Off-Screen

Roman Reigns made his return to WWE as a heel and quickly became the top star of Smackdown. He won the Universal Title and has been dominant as a heel champion.

He successfully retained his title at WWE Clash Of Champions against Jey Uso. It seems partnering up with Paul Heyman has certainly helped Reigns.

Roman spoke on the ‘Load Management’ podcast, where he discussed his pairing with Paul Heyman. He revealed that it is “refreshing” that Paul Heyman is not in a position of creative control for the writing team, so he can give more time to Reigns’ creative direction. Just being around him backstage helps Reigns.

Reigns said Heyman’s time as a heel manager has definitely helped make the “power pairing” an even more fearsome force.

He also revealed recently he based his current heel character off of Daniel Day-Lewis’ Butcher character from “Gangs Of New York.”


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