Roman Reigns Reveals He Wants To Face Adam Cole

Roman Reigns returned to WWE and became the Universal Championship in quick fashion. There are several talented Superstars who want to challenge him and it seems he is interested in a few NXT Superstars as well.

NXT has a very deep roster full of talented performers. Some of them are ready to be called up to the main roster and are simply waiting for the chance. It seems Reigns has been keeping a close eye on the brand.

Reigns recently took part in a Q&A with Mania Club. He was asked whether any Superstar in NXT piqued his interest and he wasted no time in naming someone he wants to face in the ring. He revealed that he would like to face Adam Cole and believed that they would get a great reaction from the match.

Adam Cole is one of the best Superstars in NXT and had a remarkable run as the NXT Champion. Following his rivalry with Pat McAfee, the company has nothing planned for Cole. He is currently not included in the NXT TakeOver card.

We will have to see whether Adam Cole will be called up to the main roster soon enough.


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