Roman’s Next Challenger, Traditional Survivor Series Match, Future Of MITB, Best HIAC Match

Who do you think will be Roman Reigns’ next challenger?

Plans for Roman Reigns following his program with Jey Uso are unclear. I have heard everything from WWE doing Jimmy Uso vs. Roman Reigns to a program pitting Reigns against Goldberg at Survivor Series. Most fans seem to want AJ Styles vs. Reigns. If it were up to me I would pick Big E to see what they could get out of it. We should hear more about WWE’s plans for Roman in the coming days with the question likely being answered on this week’s SmackDown.

Do you think WWE will do a traditional Survivor Series match between The Hurt Business and Retribution?

The only way WWE does not do The Hurt Business vs. Retribution in a traditional Survivor Series match is if they pull the plug on the faction. Last week on Raw WWE wrapped it all up. Not much changed at Hell in a Cell last night. The faction seems out of gas but if there are plans for it to continue, they will likely be in a traditional Survivor Series match. Retribution had intrigue in the beginning but WWE made a series of missteps that has derailed all progress.

What is WWE thinking switching the Money in the Bank contract?

There are so many unanswered questions with Otis losing the Money in the Bank contract to The Miz. The bottom-line is what has traditionally been used as a way to elevate a talent has been turned into a mid to lower card program. I don’t know if Vince McMahon just lost interest or if the contract was just not a priority but Otis never got a rub from being Mr. Money in the Bank. Does The Miz end up winning another world championship? I find it hard to believe at this stage of his career but the way Otis has been booked since winning Money in the Bank certainly does not help the prestige of the briefcase.

What was your favorite match at Hell in a Cell?

All three Hell in a Cell matches were fantastic but the storytelling in Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso was some of the best stuff WWE has done in years. The outcome was obvious but the storytelling was compelling. Sasha Banks going over Bayley was the surprise of the night. Randy Orton had to come out of his program against Drew McIntyre as WWE Champion as it would have been a tremendous waste for him to come up short.

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