Rumor: Vince McMahon To Relinquish WWE Creative Control

As previously reported, Vince McMahon was not in charge at Monday’s episode of WWE RAW because he was preparing for today’s XFL announcements. There could be more of this coming, with the new rumor suggesting Vince is set to slowly relinquish creative control.

Tom Colohue reports Vince will not be giving up all responsibility but will have oversight of the product at a distance. According to Colohue, Vince doesn’t want to step away but he has a lot of faith in the team he has working for him. He also has a lot of responsibilities right now with the upcoming relaunch of the XFL, a project he’s personally funding.

Vince is said to have a lot of truest in Paul Heyman and Triple H right now with Paul running RAW and Hunter of course running NXT. Eric Bischoff started at SmackDown later than Heyman but his addition was clearly to help lesson the load on Vince.


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