Rumored Names To Be Revealed As “Unknown Insurgent” At NXT Takeover 31

WWE is teasing a mystery person returning to NXT at Takeover 31 on Sunday, October 4.

As seen in the promo embedded in the player above, the person’s voice is disguised, which has resulted to speculation as to whether it’s a male or female. The WWE line is “an unknown insurgent is coming back to NXT to take what is theirs.”

The biggest name speculated on social media right now is Bo Dallas. Dallas is still technically a SmackDown Superstar but was the third NXT Champion in history and held the title for 260 days.

He has not worked for WWE since Crown Jewel 2019 when he teamed with Curtis Axel to lose to The New Day. Other names speculated include Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode and others. Roode has not been used in several months due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. He is expected back soon but likely as a RAW Superstar.

We have complete results from last night’s episode of WWE NXT at this link.

Stay tuned to for the latest on the mystery Superstar.


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