RVD Talks Who He Wants To Be Inducted By Into WWE Hall Of Fame

As reported earlier, Rob Van Dam left Impact Wrestling along with Katie Forbes. He was not signed to the company and now has officially become a free agent.

He recently spoke to The Dropkick Podcast, where among other things, the topic of the WWE Hall Of Fame was brought into the conversation. RVD revealed by whom he would like to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

He said that the obvious answer was Paul Heyman and he thinks Heyman is the right person. He can definitely see it happening. However, knowing how things can be, that might not be happening for a long time.

He wondered if one had to be retired in order to be inducted. The fact that he worked in Impact Wrestling might be a factor as well. He said it would be an honor if he was inducted.

WWE’s relationship with Impact Wrestling seems to be an amicable one as the company previously worked a deal in order to show Impact footage in their documentary specials.


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