Ryback Tweets World Will Be A Better Place When Vince McMahon Passes

Former WWE superstar Ryback made a fairly outlandish statement during a Twitter Q&A with fans.

Regarding Vince McMahon, Ryback weighed in:

“It was ALWAYS the talent. He just created a platform as a human circus that he modified from his father,” Ryback tweeted. “The guy is a piece of shit, can’t stress this enough. World will be a better place when he passes. This isn’t wishing death, but stating an opinion I believe to be true.”

He is not a fan of Triple H either.

“P*ssy Paul is not the savior to anything,” Ryback wrote. “He will go down with the ship.”

Ryback worked for WWE from 2004 to 2016. He is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion.


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