Sammy Guevara Starts #FreeKillerKross Trend

AEW star, Sammy Guevara, recently took to Twitter to begin the trend of #FreeKillerKross. For those that haven’t been following along, Impact Wrestling and Killer Kris’s have been in a contract dispute for the past few months.

The most notable of this being when Kross refused to blade in a match against Eddie Edwards in a first blood match at Slammiversary. The reason he refused blade is that there was no medical personnel at ringside and there was no blood testing complete prior to the match. For those unfamiliar with the term, blading is when a competitor takes a sharp object and intentionally cuts themselves, forcing bleeding.

The central part of the dispute is that Kross wants released from his contract, but Impact is refusing. Upon being contracted by Impact, it was the understanding that he would be getting the “higher end” of the pay table for wrestlers in the industry, as well as more airtime and matches, but he feels that was all a lie and sham.

Out of fear of being sued, Impact Wrestling was very vocal to have Kross removed from his scheduled 6-man tag match, featuring Cain Velasquez. It seems Impact has won that battle as the match is now being advertised featuring Texano Jr., Taurus and Scorpion King vs. Brian Cage, Psycho Clown and Cain Velasquez. That match is scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 15th from Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Room. In addition, Impact has since moved all of Kross’ merchandise to the clearance section on the website.


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