Several Names Have Been Confirmed For Undertaker’s Final Farewell

The Undertaker’s three-decade-long career will be celebrated in his Final Farewell at WWE Survivor Series this month. It will conclude the 30 Days of the Deadman on the WWE Network. Now more names have been confirmed for the occasion.

It was already reported that Savio Vega will be returning at Survivor Series for the Final Farewell. Vega recently spoke to Wrestling Inc, where he revealed that several members of Bone Street Krew members will also make an appearance in order to celebrate The Undertaker’s 30th anniversary in WWE.

“So far, I’m going to be just there. Some of the BSK members are going to be there, and we’ll see what happens. I hope something happens there. I’m just happy to be with my crew, my guys. You got Fatu (Rikishi), you got Papa Shango / The Godfather, you got Taker [and] you got the Godwinns. I mean, I’m happy just for that.”

It was also reported by PW Insider, that two more names have been confirmed for the event.

Kane and The Godfather will be there at Survivor Series for The Deadman. It was not revealed what role they will have for the event.


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