Shotzi Blackheart On Being Sexually Abused By Family Member As A Child

Shotzi Blackheart is one of the top female competitors on the NXT roster. It seems she has been through a lot in her life, which she recently revealed.

During Chasing Glory, Shotzi Blackheart talked about her traumatic childhood, which included being sexually abused by her uncle. Her uncle is still in jail for what he did, but she pain she feels is a constant reminder of what happened. This is why she wrestles as a way to express herself more.

“I had a pretty rough childhood, to be honest. I bounced around from like, my mom’s to my dad’s and to my friend’s house at a real young age. I dealt with a lot of sexual abuse for like, years. When I finally came out about it – I came out to my middle school counselor – [my uncle] went to jail. He’s still in jail now. But when I came out about it, some of my family didn’t believe me. But my dad really helped me through it, and so did musical theater. That’s why I liked performing so much – it was a big outlet for me. That was my therapy.”

“I know that so many girls deal with this; it’s like a crazy amount. I encourage girls to come to me and talk about it because I’m so open with it.”

She has shown a lot of courage for coming forward with her traumatic childhood. She has been showered with support from many people after this.


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