Should AEW Go ‘All In’ On CM Punk?, Charlotte’s Return, SummerSlam Main Event, WWE’s Next Step

We all know AEW has the money, just look at how they’ve added to their roster during the COVID-19 pandemic when all others are making cuts. Why don’t they just move “all in” and bring in CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, etc?

AEW has the money to do what they want to do. As you suggested, the Khan family have the means to write big checks to the biggest stars. CM Punk is a free agent, while Brock is still under a WWE deal. However, Cody recently shed some light on this when talking about the promotion’s negotiations with CM Punk. AEW is a business and they are turning a profit. They want to build strategically and sinking big money into a few guys is not a new move. It’s something that WCW did, which ultimately sank them. AEW must focus on growing their brand as a promotion and when the time and circumstances are right, they can bring in another major name.

After learning of Charlotte Flair’s health issues, it got me wondering – this is there any timetable for her return?

Charlotte Flair is out indefinitely. She is having cosmetic surgery to fix an issue from a prior surgery related to her breast implants leaking. There are rumors she is entertaining another offer, possibly a TV deal, but that has not been confirmed. Originally, it was thought she would be back by SummerSlam but some are now saying it won’t be until Survivor Series. We’re still confident at this point we’ll see her again at some point this year.

What is the most likely SummerSlam main event?

With Edge out due to a torn triceps and Brock Lesnar likely being saved due to SummerSlam not having fans, I am currently operating that Drew MyIntyre will be defending the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. This is the biggest bout WWE can do right now and makes sense on all fronts. Orton is over like rover and is having what is the best heel run of his career. So much so, I would not be surprised if WWE put him over for the title.

I am so tired of watching shows without a real audience. Why can Vince McMahon and WWE just go on with the shows and have members sign liability waivers?

It’s too complicated of an issue and truthfully, is completely out of Vince McMahon’s hands. If it were up to Vince, he would be running in front of as many people he could get into buildings. The problem is the COVID-19 pandemic has forced states to limit crowd sizes and mass gatherings, making WWE stay put in Florida. No one thought Vince could keep running through this, yet he found a way. He is going to keep running and as soon as he is able, he’ll start booking venues again. The liability waivers could work in some states, like we saw with President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, but that’s way too complex of an issue to do multiple times a week. There is too much risk with little to no reward.

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