Speculation On CM Punk’s Future After Clearing Out Pro Wrestling Tees Store

CM Punk only has one t-shirt remaining in the ProWrestlingTees.com store, which has resulted in widespread rumors and speculation about his future.

Some believe this could be an indication of a move back to WWE, as it’s something typical that happens when a talent gets signed.

At this point there are no indications that is the case. What is known is the Punk tried out for the WWE Backstage FS1 studio show with Renee Young in an audition that was setup between his agent and FOX. WWE was not involved and Punk was sought out because of his name value and past with the company.

However, relationships such as this have played a vital part in restoring burned bridges and have ultimately resulted in returns. Multiple sources do feel Punk will return to WWE at some point and it’s certainly more likely today than it would have been a year or two ago.

For now though, he has one t-shirt remaining on ProWrestlingTees.com and we’ll have to wait and see if anything else becomes of it.


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