Stephanie McMahon Apparently Told Two WWE Women Superstars Only They Earned Profits For WWE

WWE makes money from all of their Superstars, but some Superstars have a greater ability for selling merchandise than others. It seems former WWE Superstar Jazz was not considered by the company.

During the Excuse Me podcast, Jazz talked about her treatment in WWE. She was scanned for an action figure but one was never made. Stephanie McMahon apparently told her that only she and Trish Stratus were the women who made profits for WWE. However, she did not receive any merchandise during her whole WWE career.

“That’s a company there where you tend to sit back because you are so blessed and so thankful for the opportunity that they are giving you so you sit back and be quiet for a little while. Then once you see things keep moving and moving and you feel that you have been held back, you get tired of being pushed back so far that you have to stand up for yourself. The whole time I was there with WWE, they never gave me an action figure although they flew me in early from home for me to do my screening. I don’t know what happened.”

“They never gave me an action figure the whole time I was the champ. Stephanie McMahon told me herself that Trish and I at the time were probably the only two women making money for the company during those times and I never had any merch. No T-Shirt, no bandana, nothing. I never understood that. I’m the champion and they never put me on a poster. I may not be the most gorgeous girl but I’m damn sure wasn’t the ugliest. I feel they didn’t know how to market me.”

“I don’t know what it was. It was nothing I did wrong. I didn’t have heat with anybody. I never understood it. I’m still very thankful for the platform they gave me to continue to make a name for myself because if it wasn’t for them giving me the opportunity, you wouldn’t know who Jazz is. So I am thankful for that, but my God, give me flowers while I live. Just give me what I deserve. I’m not looking for extra. I’m just looking for what I deserve.”


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