Stephanie McMahon Confirms Vince’s Hatred For Sneezing

Stephanie McMahon did an interview with where she confirmed a longstanding industry rumor about Vince McMahon and sneezing. Here’s an excerpt:

Big Cat: Have you ever sneezed around your father?

Stephanie McMahon: Totally. Yes.

Big Cat: Does he hate you for it?

Stephanie McMahon: He doesn’t hate me for it but it’s always with like a grrr, a grimace. But on the flip side I’ve been around when he has sneezed.

Big Cat: That’s got to be embarrassing for him.

Stephanie McMahon: A little bit that he can’t control. Well it’s just because he doesn’t like anything he can’t control the fact that he can’t control the sneeze is very, makes him upset.

There are so many stories about this that have circulated over the years but I’ll point you to r/SquaredCircle that tells one about Vince sneezing in front of Paul Heyman while Heyman was pitching an idea to Vince.


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