Sting Talks Missing Connection With The Fans

Sting talked about missing his connection with the fans in comments to Instinct Culture at the SmackDown Live FOX premiere in Los Angeles:

“That’s one of the things that kept me glued to wrestling, all the years that I was wrestling, 30 years, it was the fans, the crowd, I mean anyone who says that the roar of the crowd doesn’t really matter to them is lying,” Sting said. “It really matters what the crowd says, what they’re feeling, what their emotions are and all that. You wanna have a storyline that is meaty, and man it’s incredible, I’ve enjoyed and I’ve missed the relationship with the fans that I had all those years, good times, but you know what? I am getting a taste of it here tonight.”

We’ve got the entire interview embedded above.

Hat tip Wrestling INC for the quote.


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