Storyline Update On Rusev – Released From Custody, Will Appear On Raw announced on Thursday that Rusev has been “released from custody” following his attack on Bobby Lashley at a restaurant during Monday’s Raw.

The article notes that Lashley and Lana decided not to press charges, and that Rusev will appear on the next Raw in Kansas City.

“ has confirmed Rusev was taken into custody by the Cleveland Police Department on Monday and was released after no charges were pressed by Bobby Lashley and Lana.

The Bulgarian Brute will be in attendance for Raw on Monday Night in Kansas City, Mo. following his chaotic attack on The All Mighty at a local fine-dining establishment.

Rusev’s rage was sparked during an appearance on “King’s Court” when Lana and Lashley appeared on the TitanTron while enjoying an extravagantly romantic meal. The former United States Champion knew the exact location of the restaurant and stormed out of the arena to pay the devious lovebirds a visit.”


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