Tessa Blanchard Image Removed From WWE 2K Battlegrounds Video Game

WWE 2K Battlegrounds made its way onto current generation consoles and PC on September 18th. As reported earlier, fans were able to find an image of Tessa Blanchard in the instructions for the Royal Rumble match type.

She was spotted in the video game despite not being part of the WWE roster. Basil Mahmud, who was the original photographer of that picture of Blanchard was displeased with WWE 2K’s actions.

Basil Mahmud took his issues to Twitter, where he was helped by trademark attorney Michael Dockins. He gave Mahmud advice on what legal action he could take if the image was not removed from the game. Basil then sent out a tweet where he thanked Dockins for his all help.

He revealed that Dockins assisted him late last night and into the morning today as he was finally able to resolve the problem.

Mahmud’s photo will be removed in the upcoming patch for WWE 2K Battlegrounds.




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