‘The Bruiser’ RJ Meyer Has Passed Away Following Battle With Leukemia

‘The Bruiser’ RJ Meyer is no more as he has passed away following a battle with leukemia since 2019.

He was diagnosed with leukemia back in March of last year, after he underwent a normal checkup. He then had a bone marrow transplant procedure last year in October.

His health gradually declined over the past year and he succumbed to it in the end. Lio Rush, who was trained by Meyer in the past took to Twitter and announced that he was losing his battle against leukemia and asked for prayers.

Tara Meyer announced on the “Team #BruiserStrong” Facebook page regarding his passing. MCW Pro Wrestling then sent out a message in light of the sad news.

With a heavy heart the MCW family sends its condolences to the family and friends of RJ Meyer, better known as The Bruiser. The phrase “once in a lifetime” is thrown around a lot. In the case of The Bruiser, there will only be one. Ever. #BruiserStrong Forever

Meyer mostly worked in MCW Pro Wrestling, where he was a 10-time MCW Champion, as well as a Tag Team and Rage TV champion. He also helped train Velveteen Dream. He made his professional wrestling debut in 1997 after he was rained by Axl Rotten and Corporal Punishment.


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