The Rascalz Reportedly Making Their Way To WWE

WWE is always on the lookout for more talents to sign. It seems the company has shown interested in hiring The Rascalz.

As reported earlier, The Rascalz will be departing from Impact Wrestling after next week. According to a report by Wrestling Inc, The Rascalz have a “standing offer” from WWE. The contract has yet to be signed by the two, but it is said to be a ”formality.”

Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz, and Trey Miguel are all apparently going to sign with WWE. It was not mentioned if all three of them will remain together as a stable, but the company definitely wants them to work.

The Rascalz’s gimmick is likely to be changed as their gimmick involves marijuana which goes against WWE’s PG-friendly programming. They are talented performers so it is a surety they will prove their worth in the ring.


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