The Viking Raiders May Disband Following Ivar Injury

During a tag team match on Monday Night RAW two weeks ago, Ivar of the Viking Raiders suffered a grave injury. He injured himself following after a botched dive attempt to the outside of the ring. Due to the injury, he was forced to undergo neck surgery. It seems the future of the tag team is now in doubt.

During this week’s RAW Underground, Erik took part in a match. He faced off against Riddick Moss in a match. Erik was unable to win despite his efforts.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Ivar will be on the shelf for a very long time. On top of the neck injury, his body has also gone through a lot of wear and tear. This is certainly unfortunate news for his tag team partner Erik.

Meltzer then said that Erik of the Viking Raiders will have a very bad year while waiting for Ivar’s return. He also added that “there won’t even be a Viking Raiders” when Ivar does make his return as it is likely WWE will make Erik lose enough times to make him look weak.


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