Thunder Rosa Talks About Her Difficulties In Lucha Underground

Thunder Rosa is the NWA Women’s World Champion and has been working in AEW for a while as well. She also spent time working in Lucha Underground, but it seems her time there was far from ideal.

Rosa spoke to Wrestling Inc, where she revealed how Lucha Underground’s presentation of her hurt her career. She explained she was aware her contract was going to be for five seasons. However, with Lucha Underground stopping after four seasons, she and other wrestlers landed in a difficult predicament.

“Listen, contracts are tricky. If you don’t have a lawyer or you’re too cheap to pay a lawyer, you’re screwed. I signed that contract knowing that I was locked in for five seasons. The problem was when some of us were not getting work in other places. And we were asking for work and they’re not giving us work, and then when we’re trying to get out so we can get work, they’re like, ‘no, you cannot work.’”

“So it was very frustrating that a year and a half, like literally, I have to bust my ass getting paid $100-$150 to make a living because I couldn’t f*cking do anything on TV. Sorry for my language, but I’m gonna be open and honest about it. It was very hard.”

She also revealed that she would have been working in WWE had Lucha Underground allowed her to be Thunder Rosa, instead of Kobra Moon.

“You know, I said this, we signed the contract because we wanted an opportunity. A lot of us were hungry. A lot of us were new. We just wanted to be seen. We wanted that stage for us to, like, to get to the next level, which for me, didn’t pan out because I was wearing a mask. If I had been Thunder Rosa in Lucha Underground, I’d probably be in WWE by now.”


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