Tony Khan Expected Moxley vs. Omega Criticism

Tony Khan addressed criticism from the Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega “Lights Out” match at Full Gear in a recent interview with

“I expected it and that’s why we put it on PPV. We would never do anything like this on TV. Our friends at TNT know what we’re trying to do in putting hardcore matches in the main events of PPVs. There’s gonna be two wrestlers that wanna settle it so we’re not gonna sanction it. We’re gonna turn the lights off and turn a blind eye to it and not be liable for what occurs in the ring. I think it’s a very logical thing and I’m not surprised that people are shocked. I think most people did love it. It got a huge amount of interest and it did exactly what we wanted it to do which was start a conversation. To me, I absolutely loved it.”

We have the interview embedded above.


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